All sales of goods and / or services to the client by Eurocasa are concluded subject to the following terms and conditions:

The Clients signed order or initial payment shall constitute a commitment to pay for the goods and / or services ordered as per the design specification. Initial payment shall confirm that all terms and conditions, drawings and quotations have been accepted as correct and approved by the Client.

Orders will only be processed once we have received the necessary deposits. If we do not receive a signed copy of our terms and conditions back from the client, s/he will be deemed to have read, accepted and clarified any queries and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

The client is responsible for all ordered goods when delivered on site. Eurocasa shall not be liable for any damages or for any direct or consequential loss of any nature sustained by the client under all and any circumstances.


1.1 An appointment will be arranged between a Eurocasa designer, the client and the appropriate professional team on the project. This will be a detailed briefing session and will include discussions around the functional layouts, aesthetic considerations, time frame and budget.

1.2 A second appointment will be made with the above parties to allow Eurocasa to present a full proposal on all relevant elements relating to the project. 3D renderings, 2D line drawings as well as samples of finishes will be presented as well as detailed costs associated.

1.3 At this point we believe the client will have sufficient information to allow them to make an informed decision on how they would like to proceed regarding the appointment of Eurocasa to the project.

1.4 Should the client elect to appoint Eurocasa on the project the relevant deposit is to be paid to confirm the order.

1.5 Should the client elect to continue the design development with Eurocasa without making a firm commitment at this time then a R20 000 (excl. vat) design fee is to be paid. Design development will then continue and should this result in a confirmed order this design fee will be discounted off the project price.


2.1 During the design development phase and leading up to the arrival of the kitchen and furniture, the Eurocasa Designer or Installation technician shall make a number site visits to ensure that the space is being constructed according to plan.

2.2 Expenses incurred for international travel, including visas, medical insurance, inoculations are not included and where applicable, shall be charged to the Client, unless stipulated otherwise in writing.


3.1 Orders will only be placed once all the drawings, specifications and/or quotes have been signed by the Client and/or the agreed upon advance payment has been made and proof of same has been submitted to Eurocasa. Eurocasa will then confirm with our Italian office. From this date the client can consider 16 working weeks for delivery. This excludes Italian Holidays (between 15th of December – 15th of January each year; and 1st August – 1st September each year). The Client must also specify on the signed quotation/s, the required delivery date to avoid unnecessary storage costs. See 4.2. Note: the exact arrival date can only be confirmed once the container has been off-loaded at the African port of destination.

3.2 Appliance model numbers as specifications are to be confirmed as part of the kitchen order confirmation process.

3.3 Once the order has been confirmed by the client, it cannot be changed, amended or cancelled.

3.4 Once the goods have arrived in South Africa, the Client is required to pay the percentage of monies due as per the agreed payment terms. Goods cannot be delivered to site until such payment has been made.


Due to the nature of the products being ordered through Eurocasa, we do not exchange any goods purchased or ordered, other than defective items.


5.1 Eurocasa will provide 1 (one) months free storage.

5.2 After one month’s free storage a monthly (or part thereof) charge will be levied for the clients account. All storage charges are to be paid prior to goods being delivered to site.

5.3 Eurocasa will store goods for a maximum of 6 (six) months, thereafter goods to be delivered to site or a facility of the clients choosing.

5.4 The kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes are the last items to be installed on site together with the appliances and worktops. Eurocasa therefor requires the floors, ceilings, lighting and painting to be complete as well as the fitting of all electrical, plumbing and gas points as per approved Eurocasa service drawings.

5.4.1 The installation can only commence when the site is in a satisfactory condition and Eurocasa has issued a “site readiness certificate.”

Eurocasa will issue a site readiness certificate only if:

5.4.2 The site is as per site Inspection check list, where all items are marked as “yes” and match the approved plans.

5.4.3 If the site matches Eurocasa pictures of site readiness (see Example A).

5.5 Should the client or client representative insist that the installation commence prior to a site readiness certificate being issues, any damages will not be the responsibility of Eurocasa.

5.6 It is the responsibility of the clients’ contractor to ensure that floors are level. Eurocasa cannot be held responsible for uneven floors which in turn have an effect on the installation of the cabinetry.

5.7 Eurocasa will not be held responsible for any damages to appliances, cabinetry or mechanisms during or after installation caused by other work taking place on the premises. This includes but is not limited to dust from sanding, painting spillages any electrical surges which may damage appliances.

5.8 Installation is expected to be carried out over 10 to 20 working days depending on the size and complexity of the installation, design and location. The site readiness certificate should be issues at least one week before the installation commences.

5.9 The expected installation time will be discussed per project. This cost is included in the quotation. Should any delays occur once the Eurocasa installer is onsite due to the site not being ready, these delays will be documented and any extra time will be charged at the standard daily rate.

5.10 Once the installation is complete, the client is requested to sign an ‘Installation Certificate’. Any snags or outstanding items are to be noted on the “Installation Certificate” which is to be completed as soon as possible. The balance of the installation fee is to be paid once the certificate for “Practical Completion” is signed and all snags or outstanding items are complete. If the Client doesn’t sign the “Practical Completion Certificate” Eurocasa cannot issue the “Factory Warranty of Furniture” to the Client. Eurocasa will not be held responsible for any warranty thereafter. Any additional work requested by the Client will be charged as an extra.

Site expectation prior to installation.


6.1 Any additional orders required from Italy will be placed as soon as the installer / designer have unpacked the shipment and checked that all items are correct.

6.2 Should any Items be damaged during the transporting of the kitchen and furniture, these will be returned to Eurocasa and the orders for the replacement goods placed with our Italian office as soon as possible. The “Installation Certificate” must still be signed and the snags or outstanding Issues listed. Eurocasa is then responsible to return and correct the snags or outstanding issues as soon as the orders arrive from Italy.


7.1 Eurocasa will under no circumstances participate in the industry specific JBCC Contract (The Joint Building Contracts Committee).


8.1 Once the kitchen or furniture has been delivered to site or to the client’s storage facility, it is the responsibility of the client to insure the kitchen, appliances, accessories, cabinets and furniture.

8.2 While the goods are stored at Eurocasa’s appointed warehouse, the goods are covered under the Eurocasa marine insurance contract. This is however only for a period of up to 6 (six) months after being delivered to the warehouse. Should the goods remain there longer than 6 (six) months.


9.1 Where possible, Eurocasa will always insist on the Cad drawings from the architect being sent to us for accuracy. Once an order has been finalized and where possible, site checks will be carried out to verify all sizes and dimensions are correct.

9.2 Eurocasa will supply suggested electrical, plumbing and gas layouts as per the design of the kitchen. Eurocasa is however not qualified in any of these areas to certify the layouts and it is the responsibility of the client or their representatives to ensure that these are approved by the relevant engineers or professionals responsible for such details.

10. APPLIANCES (if applicable):

10.1 Eurocasa prefers to assist the Client in the purchasing of their appliances, sinks and taps. Any of these quoted on by Eurocasa are subject to availability from the supplier and cannot be ordered until full payment has been received from the Client. Any warrantees or guarantees associated with any of these products are the standard terms provided by the supplier.

10.2 If the client is using existing appliances and/or supplying the new appliances, the client is expected to provide all necessary specifications and sizes to the designer before the kitchen order is confirmed and signed.

10.3 If the Client is purchasing new appliances from an alternative supplier or using existing appliances, Eurocasa will charge the client for the fitting of the appliances as per the signed quotation. This includes fitting the appliances to the cabinets and ensuring that they are powered. All power points must be working prior to installation and are not the responsibility of Eurocasa. Full functionality of the appliances is linked to the warranties from the suppliers.

10.4 Should the appliances be purchased through Eurocasa, no installation fee for fitting the appliances is charged to the client.

10.5 All plumbing, any appliance connections to plumbing, any waste outlets, sinks or taps installed must be managed by the client’s plumber. Eurocasa will request for the plumber to be available when reaching that point of the installation.

10.6 All ducting or venting regarding extraction must be arranged by the clients contractor to ensure the extraction is fitted correctly by the specialist contracted to do so, and is fully operational.

11. WORK TOPS (if applicable):

11.1 Eurocasa prefers to supply and install the work tops and in such cases will take full responsibility for this scope of work.

11.2 Once Eurocasa has installed the kitchen cupboards and all appliances have been installed, the company preparing the countertops will be requested to go to site to take the exact templates for the cutting and not to work directly from the drawings. Eurocasa stresses that no cutting should be done on top of the kitchen cupboards as this may result in damage to the soft close and other mechanisms as well as the cupboards in general. Eurocasa will not accept any responsibility for any damages as a result of the above.


12.1 Eurocasa offers a 10 year warranty on all kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.

12.2 This warranty excludes normal wear and tear within a domestic/residential environment.

12.3 This warranty is dependent on an annual service being carried out by a qualified Eurocasa technical on all kitchen cabinets and bedroom wardrobes.

12.4 The client will be responsible for the costs of this annual service.